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What size tent do I need?
Tent Seating Sizes & Capacity Chart

All Tents Are Delivery Items ONLY
***Tent Prices Are Quoted For 5-day Rental***

Frame Tents (Clear Span)

Spacious & Open on inside for accessories & decorations *Can be installed on grass or concrete

10x10 AcmeRental.com Tent
10x10       145.00
10x20       230.00
10x30       315.00
Add 10’x10’       85.00 ea
15' Tent
15x15       230.00
15x20       292.50
Add 15’x5’       62.50 ea
Add 15’x10’      125.00 ea
20' tent
20x20       260.00
20x30       390.00
20x40       520.00
Add 20’x10’        130.00 ea
30' Tent
30x30       585.00
30x40       780.00
30x50        975.00
Add 30’x10’     195.00 ea
40' Tent
40x40       1,040.00
40x50       1,300.00
40x60       1,560.00
Add 40'x10'       260.00
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Festival Marquis (High Peak)

Majestic design with minimal support attractive & sleek*Can be installed on grass or concrete.
Keeder Tents
10x10       165.00
10x20       260.00
Keeder Tents
15x15       250.00
15x30       440.00
Keeder Tents
20x20       280.00
20x30       420.00
20x40       560.00

Keder Track Tents

Spacious, flexible and can be utilized as a secure long term structure   *Can be installed on grass or hard surface.
Keeder Tents
30x30        700.00
30x45       1050.00
30x60       1400.00
30x75       1750.00
30x90       2100.00
30x105       2450.00
30x120       2850.00
30x135       3250.00
Add 30x15 sections   350.00
         (up to 200 ft)
Keeder Tents
40x30        900.00
40x45         1350.00
40x60         1800.00
40x75         2250.00
40x90         2700.00
40x105         3150.00

40x120        3600.00

40x135        4050.00

Add 40'x15' sections    450.00
         (up to 200 ft)

Rigid Frame Structure Tents (Clear Span)

Spacious, flexible and can be utilized as a secure long term structure

30' Wide Structure
30x20       600.00
30x30       900.00
30x40        1200.00
30x50        1500.00
30x60        1800.00
30x70        2100.00
30x80        2400.00
30x90        2700.00
30x100        3000.00
Add 30x10 sections    300.00
40' Wide Structure Tent
40x20       800.00

40x30          1200.00
40x40          1600.00
40x50          2000.00
40x60            2400.00

40x70           2800.00

40x80           3200.00

40x90           3600.00

40x100           4000.00

Add 10'(3m) sections   400.00
50' Wide ACME Structure Tent
50x50         2385.00

50x66           3180.00
50x82           3975.00
50x98           4770.00
50x114         5565.00

50x130          6360.00

50x146          7155.00

Add 16'(5m) sections      795.00
66x66        4356.00
66x82        5445.00
66x98        6534.00
66x114      7623.00
66x130      8712.00
66x146      9801.00

66x162        10890.00

Add 16' (5m) sections 1089.00

82x82        6600.00

82x98         7920.00
82x114         9240.00
82x130        10560.00
82x146        11880.00

Add 16' (5m) sections   1320.00
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Tent Accessories

Tent Bra    15.00
For High Peaks Tents
Many Colors To Choose From
Custom Tent Bra
Put Your Own Logo On It
Call for Price
tent flooring

Tent Flooring w/Carpet

(per sq ft)     1.90
Water Barrel
Water Barrel    5.75

Add Cover      5.75

Concrete Block 250lb
Concrete Weights 250lb            5.75

Add Cover for 250lb            5.75

Concrete Block 1000lb

Concrete Weights 1000lb           60.00

Add Cover for 1000lb            10.50

SIDEWALLS (per linear foot)
White Sidewalls

8' tall          0.65
10' tall          0.75

Window Sidewalls
8' and 10'        2.10

Clear Sidewalls
8' and 10'        3.50

10’ Leg Ext.     15.75

Gutter(per l.f.)    2.10

Pole/Leg Covers    5.25
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All Tent Prices Include Installation on Level Ground,
Extra Charges Apply for Unlevel Ground or on Concrete
Call Your Event Specialist Today! 713-729-2424

Returned items should be clean and placed in the same containers as received. Linens should be refuse-free and dry to avoid damages and additional charges. Glassware, silverware, china, and serving pieces should be rinsed clean and returned in their original containers to avoid cleaning charges. Set up and breakdown of tables, chairs, linens, china, and stages are offered at an additional charge. We have a 24 hour emergency dispatch for any last minute or special needs. Please call 713-729-2424 for more information.

Loss or Damage

Responsibility for equipment remains with the lessee from the time of delivery or pickup to the time of return. Customer will incur additional charges for damages and shortages. Please keep equipment protected from weather and secure when not in use. Exposure of equipment to the elements will incur additional charges. Extra charges will be applied to items requiring extra cleaning. Additionally, damage waiver does not cover theft or damage due to misuse.

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