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Childrens Folding Chair

Childrens White Samsonite
Folding Chair

1.55 day/3.10 week

Samsonite Folding Chair

White & Brown Samsonite
Folding Chair

Brown: 1.10 day/2.20 week
White: 1.55 day/3.10 week

chairs primary plastic Black or White Resin Chairs
w/padded seat and back
2.60 day/5.20 week
Preprinted "Reserved" and "VIP" signs available

Natural Wood Folding

Natural Wood Folding

w/padded seat

2.65 day/5.30 week

Gold Chavari Gold, Silver, & Natural Wood Chavari w/ Ivory Pad
*Limited Time Special*
5.75 day/11.50 week
Ballroom Chair

Chrome & Pepper
Black & Pepper

3.50 day/7.00 week
Director's Chair Bar Stool Director's Chair Barstool

25.00 day / 50.00 week

Fits a bar high table

Bar stool

Natural Wood Bar Stool

5.25 day/10.50 week
Bar stool

Bar Stool with Cushion

8.25 day/16.50 week

Lounge Furniture

Lounge Chair

75.00 day / 150.00 week

Combine parts to suit your event



50.00 day / 100.00 week
Lounge Sectional

Combine Parts to Suit Your Event

Chair Set-up/Break-down      .55 (each)

Returned items should be clean and placed in the same containers as received. Linens should be refuse-free and dry to avoid damages and additional charges. Glassware, silverware, china, and serving pieces should be rinsed clean and returned in their original containers to avoid cleaning charges. Set up and breakdown of tables, chairs, linens, china, and stages are offered at an additional charge. We have a 24 hour emergency dispatch for any last minute or special needs. Please call 713-729-2424 for more information.

Loss or Damage

Responsibility for equipment remains with the lessee from the time of delivery or pickup to the time of return. Customer will incur additional charges for damages and shortages. Please keep equipment protected from weather and secure when not in use. Exposure of equipment to the elements will incur additional charges. Extra charges will be applied to items requiring extra cleaning. Additionally, damage waiver does not cover theft or damage due to misuse.

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